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Lower back pain

Improve your pain and limitation from arthritis and degeneration!

The best self-paced online courese filled with years of experience and evidence based interventions that you can do by yourself!

MRI review

What did they find on your MRI and what does it mean?


What is the best thing you can do for bone-on-bone?

Questions you need to ask your doctor!

Informed decision making!

Do's and Don'ts

What you have to do to feel better now and later!

How do I know if it is something worse?

Don't rely on Google to tell you this!

What is arthritis and degeneration?

What you NEED to know about both so you can have the future you want!

The value of $1500.00 of physical therapy sessions!

You deserve to feel better and do more!

This is the best self-paced and experience-informed course available that is backed up by substantial evidence. This course will help you manage and improve lower back degeneration and arthritis!

It addresses the areas of core weakness, stiffness, and flexibility.

Provides a clear understanding of lower back degeneration and arthritis!

It comes embedded with over 30+ tips and tricks I have personally learned and implemented with many patients!

Comes with a lifetime access, including future updates and additions to the course material.

What people have said.

"Such good advice!"

"Thank you for what you do!"

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Advanced lower back exercises.

  • Designed to remove fear and apprehension! Will I have pain if I...?
  • Safe advanced lower back exercises!
  • Detailed instructions to make sure you are doing it correctly.
  • Moving from getting better to staying better!
  • Your back needs to stay strong over time!
  • 10 exercises to make you more resilient and stronger!


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